Leila Cove in Alone Time With Leila

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While Mike rarely sees his wife, Leila Cove, his stepdaughter, is constantly present. It’s been getting harder for him not to see his wife since all Mike wants to do is fuck and cum. A man has needs. Although he is aware that it is improper, wouldn’t a little fun be okay since she is merely his stepdaughter? Leila licks Mike’s dick after taking off her top to reveal her sexy tits. Already, he feels the tension leaving him. Later, Mike discovers that he and Leila are alone once more, and their need for one another has grown overwhelming. Leila gets undressed in the kitchen and spreads her legs out on the counter to show her stepdad her pussy. As Mike massages her clit, Leila becomes increasingly drenched.  Leila rides Mike with intense passion, and he squeezes and pinches her nipples to get her even more excited. When he can’t hold his load any longer, Mike cums all over his stepdaughter’s face. She wants everything he can give her and sticks out her tongue to get what she can.